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  • Nova Engineering workshop

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Who we are?

Nova Engineering is one of the biggest mechanical workshops in our country. At the beginning, in the 80s, it was a part of Feni Industries (Feni at that time). Then, it has become a separate company (Fiord Technologies) and from March 2011, it was acquired again by Feni Industries. A total of 60 persons are working for NOVA.

NOVA Ingenering is company with variety of activities are projective, executive and engineering services in the framework of Cunico Resources N.V. The uniqueness of the NOVA Engineering consists of unique activities and skills that are rarely available, both domestically and in the international market. Namely, this company is a leader in the country and abroad the performance of non-standard equipment in accordance with the direct requirements and needs of the user, among which the largest share have Feni Industries, New Co Ferronikeli and other companies. The company has employed highly skilled engineering staffs, who constantly upgrade their skills and qualities.

What are our activities?

NOVA Ingenering is providing mechanical services for Feni Industries , NewCo Ferronikeli, Nova Refractories and others companies which are not in the Cunico Group. Nova Engineering conducts various process related activities, replacement and revamping activities, fabrication and repair of mechanical parts upon defects and malfunctions, manufacture of various parts for the maintenance, production, mine, laboratory, security and fire department, manufacture of various equipment for all investment projects, erection, supervision, test and start up, preparation of technical documentation and workshop drawings for the equipment and preparation of mechanical and civil engineering projects for all investment projects for Feni Industries and NewCo Ferronikeli.

The main pillars of the company’s strategy are innovation and continuous developments of engineering solutions that facilitate technological process contribute to greater efficiency and sustainable development in companies where they are implied.

Given the specificity of the industry in which NOVA Engineering works, can freely emphasize that it is a rare kind of company on international level, recognizable on the market by exceptional quality in the realization of projects, performing the uniqueness of solutions, expertise and innovation of their employees, which in itself represents a major contribution to the society.


General Information

Nova Engineering

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